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5 Best Places to Swim with Dolphins in New Zealand

Where to Swim with Dolphins in New Zealand Not many experiences match that of swimming with some of the world’s most intelligent (and ridiculously cute) creatures. A must-do in New Zealand is to

4 Super Rare Whales & Dolphins Seen in New Zealand

The Rarest Marine Mammal Sightings in New Zealand It’s no secret that New Zealand’s waters are teeming with life with top whale watching locations like Kaikoura in the South Island and awe
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Find the Rare Maui’s Dolphin

What is Maui’s Dolphin? Like the kiwi bird is a national icon of the land, the Maui’s dolphin is a national icon of the sea. Maui’s dolphins are only found on the west coast of the N
Akaroa - Guide for Backpackers

Akaroa – Guide for Backpackers

A Picture-perfect Peninsula! If you’re not here for dolphins, then you’re here for the landscape formed by volcanoes, and if you’re not here for the stunning scenery then you’r
5 Top Wildlife Activities in Kaikoura

7 Best Wildlife Activities in Kaikoura 🐳 [2024]

The Best Seal, Dolphin and Whale Tours in Kaikoura Kaikoura is the marine mammal mecca in New Zealand so if you have any interest in marine life, then you need to stop by. Choosing what wildlife tours
13 Best Things to Do in Kaikoura

25 BEST Things to Do in Kaikoura 🐳 [2024]

The Must-Dos in Kaikoura: The Marine Wildlife Mecca of New Zealand Nature lovers, don’t miss this wildlife hotspot on the South Island. Kaikoura attracts a range of magnificent wildlife that man
7 Whale and Dolphin Species to See in Auckland

7 Whale and Dolphin Species to See in Auckland

Whales and Dolphins in Auckland to Look Out For Some of the oceans most impressive marine mammals reside in the waters of Auckland city. It’s not all that uncommon to see whales and dolphins in
Kaikoura - Guide for Backpackers

Kaikoura – Guide for Backpackers

A Guide to Backpacking in Kaikoura The adventure in Kaikoura extends from the inland and Seaward Kaikoura Ranges all the way out into the Pacific Ocean. One day, you could be hiking on top of the bea
10 Tauranga Must-Dos

15 Best Things to Do in Tauranga

The Things You Can’t Miss in Tauranga! With the vast Pacific Ocean views ever in sight, Tauranga couldn’t have a better waterfront location. The fifth-largest city in New Zealand is a popu

12 Best Things to Do in Picton

The Must-Dos in Picton Welcome to the sunny South Island! Picton might be the gateway town to the South Island when taking the Cook Strait Ferry, but this little town on the edge of the Marlborough So